TVG’s musical career is a veritable kaleidoscope of all that is superb and sublime! The world is his audience-and he has thrilled listeners the world over! He has been toiling hard to bring Indian music to Europe, USA, UK Australia and other countries for more than three decades by participating in international festivals, seminars and workshops. His duets and Jugalbandhies with the great Tabla maestros like Pt. Chaturlal, Ustad Alla Rakha, Pt.Shanta Prasad and others have taken the world by storm. He has dazzled millions of listeners through his performances alone and in the illustrious company of musicians like George Harrison (Beatles), Pandit.Ravishankar, Pierre Favre, John handy and many others in the West.

Dr. TVG has been working as the Cultural Ambassador in its real sense. He has been performing and propagating Indian music all over the world with his regular annual visits to Europe and U.K., Australia, U.S. and other parts of the world for his concerts, summer schools, workshops, lec dems. Apart from giving regular concerts all over India and abroad and participating in international festivals, TVG spends his time between his academic pursuits and his dream-child ” The Academy of Indian Music and Arts – “TVG’S AIMA”.