Maestro's Quest

Dr.TVG’s passion to understand the mysteries of the human voice through other systems like Western Classical, Egyptian and Gregorian music make him a specialist Voice-Guru! He has been awarded Honorary Doctorate by the Diandra University for his innovative contribution to Jazz music. His commitment to the younger generations’ awareness to the hoary cultural heritage of our country has made him the visiting faculty professor of many institutions like the Bhavan,UK, Ahiri-USA, the prestigious BITS Pilani etc. His empathy towards fellow artists made him initiate the first Musician’s forum in 1972 under the president ship Of his GURU Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and all the leading musicians and dancers were then members. Through his individual efforts, artists railway concession and other perquisites were extended even to individual artists in addition to groups. His reverence to the great masters and veterans of yester years motivates him to honour them through his Academy of Indian music and arts (regd) and provide assistance when necessary. A large number of artists have been honored thus, including achievers in other field like Doctors, educationalists etc.

His concern over the upcoming generations compelled him to start VIDYAA PEETAM dedicated to his GURU Chembai, where music and other arts are taught in the modernized Gurukul system. The thrust is on the art of performance and highfi technology. This is mainly directed to the financially deprived talents, and are given residential support. Hundreds of such talents have passed through his deft fingers to carve a niche for themselves in the firmament of world music and arts. His responsibility towards the society makes him volunteer his services for the cause of environment, racial harmony etc. by participating in various seminars, symposia, multi racial concerts, and allied projects in Europe, USA and Australia. TVG believes in the well being of the body, mind and spirit thro holistic healing. The much sought after panacea in real life means the ability to balance the resources GOD bestows on each human being.

TVG is an exponent of Hatha Yoga And Naada Yoga, having had intensive training in Yoga from the greatest Yoga exponent of 20th Century Late .Sri.Krishnamacharya for many years and later from Yogi Ramiah the direct disciple of Babaji. He is also a Reiki Master, under the direct lineage of Dr.Usui the founder of Reiki. An in-depth study of all these eastern living sciences like yoga, Reiki etc has enabled Dr.TVG to help and guide people in times of need. TVG, the true Nada Yogi, is a living example of a GURUJI to all seekers!! The personal note… TVG was nurtured by his grandma Smt. Thailambal and his mother Smt.Meenakshi Ammal from the early childhood to develop the serious and spiritual side of music and the value of upasana which he still continues to cherish and inculcate in his disciples. TVG is married to Mrs. Radha Gopalakrishnan who has been a pillar of strength in his career of music, with two sons, one daughter and a foster daughter. The eldest son G.Viswanath is a brilliant percussionist and a senior it professional in Dubai. The second son Ramanathan is a versatile musician who plays the saxophone and violin. Daughter Aparna is an accomplished dancer and settled in Switzerland. His other daughter Devie is his musical hope and looks after the affairs of his dear institutions ACADEMY OF INDIAN MUSIC AND ARTS in addition to her musical career!